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Miracles of Marble Cove #8

After an unexplained light saves Beverly from a bad accident, the four friends attempt to save the lighthouse from a land developer. Margaret befriends another painter who has lost her passion for her art, Shelley's baking business becomes complicated after she takes a tumble, Beverly wrestles with the possibility of a career change, and Diane is dogged in her determination to save the lighthouse--while avoiding her own writer's block.

Miracles of Marble Cove #2

Four women have begun to discover a deep and abiding friendship, despite differences in their ages and lifestyles.Young mother Shelley Bauer and her husband Dan have financial woes. When Dan brings home a puppy for their 3-year-old son, Shelley struggles to make room in her heart for the new family member. Meanwhile, the four women set up surveillance to try to solve the mystery of who--or what--is responsible for the strange lights they've seen at the old lighthouse.

Stories from Hope Haven #13

In Book 13 of the hospital series, Candace Crenshaw and her fiance work to present a united parenting front to her children while trying to deal lovingly with friends whose child-rearing philosophy seems quite a bit less structured. Candace also offers support and counsel to a couple who are stunned to learn they are going to have a Down Syndrome baby as she tries to help them see what a special blessing they have in store.

Stories from Hope Haven #7

The 7th Hope Haven novel features Elena Rodriguez, who still is struggling to forgive Sarah, the mother of Elena's granddaughter Isabel. Sarah ran away mere days after Isabel's birth, but now she's back, hoping to make amends and take her place in Isabel's life. Meanwhile, the hospital staff has stars in their eyes when the Make-A-Wish Foundation brings a celebrity to Hope Haven to surprise a young boy.


Stories from Hope Haven #1

Welcome to Hope Haven Hospital, a very special place where health care support is provided in the way it's meant to be: top-notch, kind, loving, and complemented by friendship and God's fellowship. This novel launches the series about four nurses who face daily life-and-death challenges even as they cope with overwhelming events in their personal lives. Meet Candace Crenshaw, who struggles with grief after her husband's death, as does her daughter Brooke, while the hospital learns that only a miracle can save their beloved hospital from closing.



Mystery and the Minister's Wife
(read in any order)

 Kate and her friends and neighbors are aghast when plans are announced to tear down their local library. Kate suspects there's more to the story than meets the eye, and her detective instincts kick into high gear. Meanwhile, the answer to their dilemma may lie in the humble lives of a group of rodents--flying squirrels--that have invaded the library's foundations.

Mystery and the Minister's Wife
(read in any order)

 Have you ever known a hypochondriac? A visitor to the Tennessee mountains where Kate and Paul Hanlon are ministering to their new congregation brings new meaning to the term.

Tales from Grace Chapel Inn
(read in any order)

 Bigfoot...just a myth? Acorn Hill residents are all agog when strange large footprints are found near Fairy Pond. The sisters are determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Meanwhile, their beloved cat unexpectedly disappears, and they fear he is gone forever.

Tales from Grace Chapel Inn
(read in any order)

 This story always makes me smile. The sisters find and rescue a sulcata tortoise, a desert species that definitely does not belong in southern Pennsylvania! At the wildlife center where I volunteer, we have had several of these guests for months at a time until we are able to place them at a tortoise sanctuary. People think they make wonderful pets...until they grow to be upwards of 45 lbs!

Tales from Grace Chapel Inn
(read in any order)

 This is my personal favorite of the stories I wrote for this series. Alice travels south to a hurricane disaster zone to work in animal rescue. Many of her experiences are loosely based on my own adventure working at the Humane Society of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

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